Creation / PCut

CorelDRAW Plugin

Versions supported: CorelDRAW 12, 13(X3), 14(X4), 15(X5), 16(X6)

Supported plotters:  CTO630/CTO1200, CB730/CB1300, CS630/CS1200, CT630-H/CT1200-H

This will not work for liyu machines.
You would need to use signcutpro to integrate both corel and illustrator with liyu machines.

Download the Creation PCut series plugin from the link below.

After installing, the plugin will initially be placed in the root of C:\
Please Follow the instructions in the manual enclosed with the plugin on where to copy the file to.

If you have lost the manual, you may download it here

 For corel draw X6, some users will need to lower the security settings for the plugin to work.
If you have any problems, kindly get back to us at